Joining the Team – experienced therapists

 Spiral was founded in 1995 as a healing and therapeutic space for both clients and therapists. We are committed to open dialogue, consultation and participation, and to maintaining high standards. Our aim is to make therapy widely available to the public and we hold the clients' needs as the central focus.


Practising at Spiral

We have four beautiful second/third floor consulting rooms consisting of a counselling/bodywork room, which can also be used as a group room for up to 10 people, and 3 smaller therapy rooms. We also have a larger ground floor group room and garden, for up to 20 people.

The therapists at Spiral share a vision of the interconnected nature of mind, body, heart and spirit. We have a commitment to keeping the energy flowing through mindful attention to our environment and to each other. Spiral therapists and clients come from diverse and multicultural backgrounds.

Joining the Team – experienced counsellors, psychotherapists and complementary therapists

Many of the therapists who join the team as associate counsellors and psychotherapists on placement stay on at Spiral afterwards offering counselling and psychotherapy at reasonable fees. We also welcome experienced counsellors, psychotherapists and complementary therapists who have considerable depth of experience and who resonate with Spiral’s aims and ethos. If you are interested in joining the team please email us with a cv and covering letter saying why you would like to join us. If we are interested in discussing your application further we will send you further details about the process.

We want to tell you that we will hold your personal information for the sole purpose of providing therapy at Spiral. You can withdraw consent at any time and we will delete your information immediately rather than our standard practice of deleting details within two years since your last contact with Spiral.


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