Exploring Menopause – A Women Only Event


At Spiral
This weekend workshop is for any women interested in this topic, rather than a training event for professionals. It is facilitated by Cabby Laffy and Eileen Bellot, who have run several programmes called ‘Reclaim the Menopause’ for women in Hackney since 2015.

Exacerbated by a lack of knowledge and negative social attitudes, many women find the Menopause a confusing and uncomfortable phase in their lives. This weekend aims to give women a voice and empower then to understand their choices for managing a healthy transition through the menopause.

The workshop covers

  • The physiological process of the Menopause phase
  • The impact of stress on physical and emotional well being
  • Managing symptoms like anxieties, hot flushes and sleep difficulties

Through experiential exercises and group discussion there is an opportunity to explore

  • Beliefs, experiences and myths about Menopause
  • Your relationship with your own cycle of life
  • Your thoughts and feelings about sexuality
  • “The Change” – Your goals, dreams and hopes

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