CBT Workshops on Anxiety & Depression and Anger Management & Assertiveness

Simms Psychological Service is running a series of 2-day CBT self-help workshops at the Spiral Therapy Centre. These workshops aim to teach you practical skills to manage symptoms relating to anxiety, depression, insomnia and anger management.

We will be offering the following workshops:

The Insomnia Workshop aims to explore and challenge difficulties that people have with irregular sleep schedule, broken sleep, early morning waking, delay in getting to sleep and any issues with tiredness experienced during the day.

The Anxiety and Depression Workshop aims to explore unhelpful patterns between thoughts feelings and behaviours, and aims to challenge difficulties with low mood, anxiety and stress. It aims to challenge issues with worry and any difficulties with negative and repetitive thinking. It will also focus upon low motivation and any tendency to avoid wanted goals.

Two day workshops, a month apart. Apply to Lowina Simms for information and dates.

The Anger Management & Assertiveness Workshop aims to explore any difficulties with passivity, passive aggression and aggression. This workshop will focus upon challenging unwanted emotional responses to everyday situations, and will focus upon assertiveness skills.
The first workshop session will cover the main principles of CBT, and the teaching of evidence based skills and techniques to practically manage undesirable symptoms, emotions, behaviours and thinking styles. Attendees are then encouraged to practise skills learned for a month, before they are invited back for a follow-up session.

The second workshop session occurs a month after the first session, and will focus upon and explore any improvements in mood, behaviour and thinking style. It will also problem-solve around any on-going difficulties and any challenges people may have had when using the skills offered in session one.

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