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Emma Mowat

I am currently training for a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the
Minster Centre. I am also a member of the BACP, and follow their ethical framework.
Therapy can offer the chance to explore your own story and reconnect with your
deepest nature. I hope to provide a space in which we can be with your experience and
jointly explore habitual ways of being that are no longer serving you, supporting you to
find a way forward. I emphasise the importance of tuning into your body - allowing a
feeling or sensation to lead the conversation, and am an advocate of the body being a
place of possibility from which change may arise. I also draw on how childhood
experiences may have impacted your present, while also keeping in mind how social
oppressions, such as class, sexual orientation, gender or race make up your

My curiosity about the human condition drew me to study Psychology for my undergraduate
degree, which led me to work as a qualitative social researcher. I have also worked with
marginalised communities in a creative capacity, using photography as a tool for self
expression. Through this work, I realised how important it is for people to share their
lived experiences and have their story heard.

I work at Spiral on Friday afternoons.

How to apply for low cost therapy

Please contact Spiral directly on or contact the office on 020 7607 4403