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Hero Scott

I am a trainee member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and adhere to their code of ethics and practice. I am in my final year of training on the Diploma in Counselling at the Gestalt Centre.

Prior to training to become a counsellor I obtained a bachelors degree from Amsterdam University College. I have since worked as a receptionist, childcare worker, family support worker, and drama teacher. I believe all these things have encouraged me towards a caring profession.

Gestalt explores the here and now, the individual’s cultural, family context as well as the physical body.  Using all this information allows for a greater understanding of an individual. The work is Person-Centred, so you are the leader of the work and the expert on you.

We will explore immediate day to day concerns, understood in the context of your life to focus the work.  I aim to offer, through acceptance, and warmth an understanding space where you can learn to feel safe enough to explore whatever you might bring. The support of our therapeutic relationship could enable you to face whatever challenges, big or small, you may be facing.

I work at Spiral on Fridays (10-1pm.)

How to apply for low cost therapy

Please contact Spiral directly on or contact the office on 020 7607 4403