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Elizabeth Knight

BA (Hons) Psychology; Shiatsu diploma from the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre (1993), with director Sonia Moriceau. I am a member of the Shiatsu Society.

Shiatsu is a massage through clothes based on ancient Chinese traditions. Using pressure points throughout the body, shiatsu facilitates the energy flow through the complex network of channels and meridians in the body, to bring about balance and harmony, and physical and emotional release.

I have been working with shiatsu clients for over 30 years. I work to promote people’s awareness of ease and tension through meridian work and stretches. The balance of ki is explored in relationship to the five elements of oriental medicine which affect many aspects of everyday life.

My training emphasised the quality of healing-shiatsu touch, grounded in meditation practice. I have been supported in my own work and life by zen and Tibetan meditation practices, alongside T’ai Chi teachings and Seiki.

I practise at Spiral on Sundays, and in Devon. My fees are £45; concessions are offered depending on availability.