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Fiona Feather

I am a senior student at Karuna Institute where I have completed my training and am working towards an MA in Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy. I am also a trainee member of the UKCP.

I offer a warm and deeply held therapeutic space that is safe and free of judgement, where clients can explore and be accompanied in bringing what is happening for them into awareness.

Often when we come to therapy we are seeking change and it can feel like a big step to seek help in doing that. My intention is to sensitively support you in discovering the different layers that make up your experience, looking at the past as well as the present and looking at the patterns that may be affecting you and your life.

I work with each client as an individual, taking a holistic view that includes body, mind and spirit. Working with the body and what I call ‘felt sense’ can be deeply helpful when words are difficult to find for what we are experiencing. At other times, there can be a greater dimension to what is happening for us that takes us into the realm of spirit. All of these aspects of your experience are welcome, and will be respected and valued in our work together.

As well as looking at what is difficult or painful, I also work with clients to develop their sense of how to identify and use both inner and external resources. This is sometimes challenging work, and together we will be able to gently and slowly explore what supports you and how to nourish the many different aspects of yourself.

I work at Spiral on Thursday afternoons.

How to apply for low cost therapy

Please contact Spiral directly on or contact the office on 020 7607 4403