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Bernie Bane

My experience as a counsellor and in various support roles within the charity sector has given me the opportunity to work with adults and young people from a variety of different backgrounds. I have supported people experiencing relationship difficulties, identity issues, sexuality issues, domestic violence, survivors of rape & sexual assault, people living with HIV, drug users, people suffering from depression and anxiety, people who are self-harming and people who have attempted or are at risk of suicide.

I see therapy as a co-operative venture between therapist and client and I endeavour to provide a warm, collaborative and non-judgemental space for you to explore the issues that are important to you. I will seek to see you and understand you as a whole person, connected in mind, body, spirit and heart. Through this I hope to support you in accepting and understanding yourself as a whole person, with the power and freedom to make choices.

The integrative model I work with focuses on the importance of relationships and is based on the belief that as human beings we can grow and develop in relation to others. I combine and use several different models of counselling, such as attachment theory, psychodynamic and person centred approaches (learn more about these on Spiral’s website, Therapeutic Approaches page). This allows me to meet the needs of each individual and to work with the focus that best fits the person.

I work at Spiral on Mondays and Tuesdays.

My fee is £65 per session.

Contact: 07903 771 097 or