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Araxi Utidjian

Having started with two years of Person Centred training, I’m now in my final year of a 2 year Diploma in Counselling at the Gestalt Centre in London. I’m due to fully qualify as a counsellor in July 2020. I am a student member of the BACP, and I readily abide by their ethical guidelines.

In terms of other relevant experience; for four weeks every summer from 1985 to 95, I facilitated creative personal development workshops at a holistic retreat on Skyros Island in Greece. More recently I did similar workshops in Folkestone. I’m also a Mindfulness Instructor, trained at the Mindfulness Institute in Devon. Since graduating in July 2016, I have done some one-to-one Mindfulness training. I will start teaching groups at Folkestone-Mind in October 2019.

My personal background is multi-cultural. Consequently, I have a particular interest in the impact of early geographical and cultural upheaval.

My approach to counselling is warm, creative, and respectful.

It can be a great relief to be ‘well met’ when you start (or restart) therapy. Being really seen, heard, and accepted will establish fertile ground for positive growth and change. I will not presume to tell you who you are, nor what you need to do, but I will be very much there with you to facilitate and support your own discoveries, and healing, so that you can befriend yourself anew.

I work at Spiral on Tuesday mornings.

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