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Spiral hosts workshops and courses on a wide variety of issues. Any current workshops are listed below, along with workshops and courses at other venues, facilitated by Spiral therapists or others whom we know and value.

Spiral has a great flexible workshop floor which is available for hire. This includes a light, ground floor room for up to 20 participants with chairs and cushions, a full kitchen, a breakout area and a beautiful south facing walled garden. Please contact us for availability and rates.

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Exploring Menopause

A Weekend Workshop For Women
This weekend workshop is facilitated by Cabby Laffy and Eileen Bellot, who have run several programmes called ‘Reclaim the Menopause’ for women in Hackney since 2015.
Saturday and Sunday January 27th & 28th, 2018

Exacerbated by a lack of knowledge and negative social attitudes, many women find the Menopause a confusing and uncomfortable phase in their lives. Some have fears and concerns about the impact on their libido, self-esteem, and mental wellbeing, and feel reluctant or embarrassed to speak about the subject directly. Many GP’s also feel uneducated and feel they have little to offer, especially if HRT is unwanted or contraindicated.

Please note this event is for women only

For more information please contact

Held at Spiral Therapy Centre, 2 Shelburne Road, London N7 6DL

£150 for the weekend.


Living Free

A Residential Weekend Workshop for Women
With Lotta Kitchen, Pom Eaton and Lora Wignall

As children, many of us learn to deny what our senses and experience tell us in order to fit into the landscape in which we find ourselves. Adaption is both a vital component of our survival and a cause for much of the disconnect we experience from our sense of joy and personal authority.

To change the rigidity of thinking that denial requires, Virginia Satir, the renowned family therapist, developed her five freedoms to describe the attitudes and behaviours which support good self-esteem and personal authority.

1. To see and hear what is here, instead of what should be, was or will be.
2. To say what one feels and thinks instead of what one should.
3. To feel what one feels, instead of what one ought.
4. To ask for what one wants, instead of always waiting for permission.
5. To take risks on one’s own behalf, instead of choosing to be only ‘secure’ and not rocking the boat.

This year’s residential will explore our personal connection to this loss of self-knowing. Personal authority, authenticity and self-esteem are rooted in our ability to respond congruently to our senses, trust in our inner resources and dare to be who we truly are. Through the use of experiential exercises, discussion and personal reflection, we aim to enable a growing understanding and a felt experience of how we habitually limit ourselves and what it is like when we choose to step into freedom.

A residential workshop is a unique and often profound experience, where within a safe and supportive environment the group can be a catalyst for sharing, participating, learning and growing.

The workshop will be held at Gayles retreat centre, located on the South Downs, five miles from Eastbourne and will run from 6pm on Friday until 3pm on Sunday. The cost is £375 which includes all meals and accommodation. To book a place or to find out more please contact Lotta Kitchen on 07764 760931, Pom Eaton on 07794 754871 or Lora Wignall on 07742 809979

CBT Workshops on Anxiety & Depression
and Anger Management & Assertiveness

Simms Psychological Service is running a series of 2-day CBT self-help workshops at the Spiral Therapy Centre. These workshops are educational, empowering and practical.
The first workshop session will cover the main principles of CBT, and the teaching of evidence based skills and techniques to practically manage undesirable symptoms, emotions, behaviours and thinking styles. Attendees are then encouraged to practise skills learned for a month, before they are invited back for a follow-up session.

The second workshop session occurs a month after the first session, and will focus upon and explore any improvements in mood, behaviour and thinking style. It will also problem-solve around any on-going difficulties and any challenges people may have had when using the skills offered in session one.

Insomnia Workshop
Anxiety and Depression Workshop
Anger Management & Assertiveness Workshop

Contact Lowina Simms for dates

The Insomnia Workshop aims to explore and challenge difficulties that people have with irregular sleep schedule, broken sleep, early morning waking, delay in getting to sleep and any issues with tiredness experienced during the day.

The Anxiety and Depression Workshop aims to explore unhelpful patterns between thoughts feelings and behaviours, and aims to challenge difficulties with low mood, anxiety and stress. It aims to challenge issues with worry and any difficulties with negative and repetitive thinking. It will also focus upon low motivation and any tendency to avoid wanted goals.

The Anger Management & Assertiveness Workshop aims to explore any difficulties with passivity, passive aggression and aggression. This workshop will focus upon challenging unwanted emotional responses to everyday situations, and will focus upon assertiveness skills.

The cost of the workshop is £140 for both sessions. (Early bird bookings will receive a discount). For more information or to secure your booking please make contact with Lowina Simms on 07957 180 475 or email:

Medicine Woman Medicine Ways
Holistic Healing and Well being

Medicine Woman Medicine Ways (formerly Celebrating Woman) was co-founded by Lorraine Grayston and Dawn Russell in 1998 and offers spaces for women (and sometimes women and men) to come together and work directly with the wisdom of the Earth and the magic of the circle.

The aim of Medicine Woman Medicine Ways is to offer life enhancing and transformative work that brings us into good relation with all things. Once we understand that we create powerfully, but mostly unconsciously, that our vision of who we are and where we want to go affects every aspect of our lives, we can begin the journey of self-realization. That is to touch the deep spirit within and around us and to live and manifest fully, with a deep sense of peace and connectedness – a sense of belonging – being part of.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” …. Marianne Williamson

We work with Earth based Spirituality which is is a path of knowledge (knowledge that is acquired by conscious life experience) and not a belief system.

The cycles and rhythms of the seasons and lives of all the beings (including ourselves), are reflections of the Mystery and to immerse ourselves, with awareness, in these cycles and rhythms can give us a glimpse into the heart of the divine, the heart of ourselves. We also offer individual session (see below for details)

Some of the Practitioner and Personal Development Training we offer:

*THE MATRIDONAL JOURNEY – Cycles of Becoming
Working with the Archetypal Journey of birth

A Journey to Remember

Deepening Our Connection To
Earth Based Spirituality


For more details and current dates please visit our website