Counselling & Psychotherapy at Reasonable Fees

All experienced members of the therapy team are qualified, with professional liability insurance and current membership of an appropriate professional organisation. All the experienced therapists offer some concessions, depending on availability.

Profiles of Individual Therapists


Aleine Ridge

Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling with Communication and Counselling Foundation (1993). I am a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a UKCPHIPC Registered Supervisor.

I have worked as a counsellor since 1973 and as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer since 1990. I co-founded Spiral in 1995 and am a co-director. As well as having an extensive practice I have worked in a number of different organisations as counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer or consultant: NHS, Pregnancy Advisory Service, Lesbian Line, London Rape Crisis, Complementary Health Trust, Women and Health, Stress Project, NSPCC, One in Four, MIND, Advance and Angel Drug Project.

Having worked with such a diversity of people over a long period of time I work integratively, incorporating client-centred, interpretative and focussed approaches depending on what is most appropriate. A lot of the people I see are dealing with the effects of childhood trauma. The traumas might have been emotional, physical, sexual or spiritual and any of these aspects of self may be affected. I am constantly inspired by the shared journey of healing, integration of insight and hope.

I see individuals, couples, and therapists for supervision, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at Spiral.
My fees are £75 per 50 minute session.
Contact 07901 944442 (text preferably) or


Aneela Ferdinand

BSc Hons Social Sciences and Psychology, London Guildhall University (1994); European Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, City and Islington College (2001); Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Communication with Children, Tavistock Centre (2007); MA in Psychotherapy and Healing, Society for Psychology and Healing (2009); Diploma in Clinical Supervision and Consultancy, NAOS (2014).

I joined Spiral in 1998 as a therapist on placement and have continued my practice here since 2001. My approach leans toward Psychodynamic, Holistic and Transpersonal modalities. The areas I have worked with include relationships, anxiety disorders, body image and identity, depression, loss and bereavement, young people, career, education, parenting, Islamic issues, religio-cultural conflicts and spiritual-cultural development.

I see individuals who struggle with breaking through their own creative and artistic blocks, and when appropriate I may suggest we use dreams and imagery to facilitate inner growth and to gently open up the potential for entry to deeper self-knowledge and personal fulfillment. Rather than looking at ‘cures’, my bias lies in an expectation that we can learn to live more fully and comfortably with our paradoxes and that the acceptance of this grants us our potentials. I am particularly open to inviting intercultural and transcultural perspectives, and in my work with Islamic issues and black issues I hold a deep focus on the way that these identities are experienced within the socio-cultural, personal and spiritual framework of the individual.

I have worked as a tutor and educator, counsellor and psychotherapist in provisions for Black and Minority Ethnic groups in family centres, youth projects, and within the area of mental health crisis intervention, and have been active within the U.K education system in the voluntary, private and statutory sectors for more than twenty years. I have created, developed and run tailored therapeutic personal development programmes for students in schools and in Asian women’s outreach projects. I have also provided consultative support to parents and families, carers and teaching staff with regard to developmental, behavioural and emotional factors in teaching and learning.

I am a qualified Clinical Supervisor.

I work at Spiral on Thursdays. My fees are £60 per session.

Contact 07949 118792 or


Afra Bell

Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling from City and Islington College (2002), Diploma in CBT (Institute of Counselling, 2007), Cert. in group work (Gestalt Centre, 2005), Cert. in Counselling Supervision (City & Islington College, 2013), Cert. in Solution Focussed Therapy (The Brief Centre, 2013). I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

I have been practising as a counsellor and psychotherapist at Spiral since 2001 and as a supervisor since 2010. I have also worked for a number of different organisations that include Local Authority mental health teams, women’s groups, parent support groups, young people’s services, corporate business, and within various shamanic and personal development work settings. As well as practising as a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor, I also provide creative and therapeutic Team Building and Leadership workshops for corporate business and voluntary organisations.

My particular areas of experience and expertise are: personal development, spirituality, relationships, self-esteem, self-empowerment, parenting, anxiety, depression, life choices, cultural identity, sexual abuse, bereavement and working with anger. As well as having worked extensively with adults, I have particular experience in counselling young people.

I use an intuitive, integrative and holistic approach, uniting mind, body and spirit, and incorporating Psychodynamic, Person Centred Gestalt and Solution Focussed schools of thought. Where helpful, the sessions can also focus on such things as creative visualisation, drawing and other ways of connecting with layers of being beyond the rational. My intention in the sessions is to create a nurturing, accepting, understanding and supportive space.

I work at Spiral on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Friday mornings. My fees are £60 per 50 minute session. I have a limited number of concessions for clients on low income.

Contact 07968 026608 9am-6pm, or


Deborah Berger

Diplomas in Integrative Psychotherapy with a Soulful Perspective (2015), Integrative Counselling with a Soulful Perspective (2005) and Supervision with Soul (2016) from Re.Vision Training in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Certificate in Couples in Search of Soul (2011) from Re.Vision and in Wild Therapy. I am an accredited member of UKCP. In addition to therapy for individuals, and for couples and those in other relationships, I offer supervision to therapists. I am a co-director at Spiral and a tutor, trainer and clinical supervisor at Re.Vision.

I have experience of working with individuals and couples who bring a range of life issues both past and present. These have included healing from childhood trauma, sexuality, difficulties in relationship, anxiety and stress, sexual or other abuse, addiction, loss and grief, feelings of low self-esteem, life choices, and becoming who you are. You may have a clear idea of what you want to bring to therapy, or you may simply feel that now is the time to pay attention to some hurt or confusion which is getting in the way of life.

My approach is to enable you to talk about whatever feels important to you at each session. I can see you for a shorter period of weeks or months or we can meet for longer-term work which will give space for more depth. I use a variety of approaches depending on what works best for you as an individual or couple. We may work with images and creativity to support the sessions and this can bring a richness to the process. For some it is most important simply to have a space to talk, be listened to, explore thoughts and feelings about how life is, and to find a way forward.

I am interested in the complex issues of culture, heritage, difference and oppression and in this I am guided both by my own history and my learning over many years of working with diversity. I appreciate that difference sometimes comes with the painful experience of not being respected or accepted by others, and I also celebrate the strength that it brings. Each person is unique and has their own culture, history and values, and this – who you are – is essential to the work we do together.

For couples, we will spend time looking at how you both feel in the relationship at the moment, and where you would like to get to. The sessions may include current stresses, past stories that are impacting on the relationship, ways of communicating, and issues of difference.

I offer day and evening sessions at Spiral and in N17. My current fees are £60 for individuals, £80 for couples and those in other relationships, and £60 for supervision.

Contact 07900 530507, or see


Lowina Simms

I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist accredited by the BPS and registered with HPC. My role as a psychologist-practitioner involves the application of evidence-based principles to psychological health.

My work is guided by an integration of the person-centred, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic approaches. Sessions involve the identification of tools and techniques that assist you to move beyond any limiting feelings, beliefs and behavioural patterns and to enhance your psychological well-being.

I have long experience in offering sessions to individuals who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties that relate to the past, present and future. I offer a confidential collaborative space for people to explore difficulties in their mood, behaviour, thinking styles, and relationships, and to explore difficulties related to stress, bereavement, self- harm, obsessions, and phobias and mood disorders.

My clinical experience has been acquired through work in the NHS, the Priory Hospital, and MIND. I value diversity and welcome clients with respect.

I see individuals at Spiral on weekday evenings and in the daytime on Saturdays. My fees are £50 to £60 per session. Please contact me to briefly discuss explore any difficulties you may have, and to arrange an initial consultation, on 07957 180 475 or


Bernie Bane

I am a qualified and experienced therapist, providing counselling & psychotherapy to individuals in a confidential, collaborative and non-judgemental environment. I qualified as an Integrative Counsellor at Mary Ward Centre in 2005 and went on to obtain a BA (Hons) in Counselling from University of Greenwich in 2012. I am an accredited member of BACP.

My experience as a counsellor and in various support roles within the charity sector has given me the opportunity to work with adults and young people from a variety of different backgrounds. I have supported people experiencing relationship difficulties, identity issues, sexuality issues, domestic violence, survivors of rape & sexual assault, people living with HIV, drug users, people suffering from depression and anxiety, people who are self-harming and people who have attempted or are at risk of suicide.

I see therapy as a co-operative venture between therapist and client and I endeavour to provide a warm, collaborative and non-judgemental space for you to explore the issues that are important to you. I will seek to see you and understand you as a whole person, connected in mind, body, spirit and heart. Through this I hope to support you in accepting and understanding yourself as a whole person, with the power and freedom to make choices.

The integrative model I work with focuses on the importance of relationships and is based on the belief that as human beings we can grow and develop in relation to others. I combine and use several different models of counselling, such as attachment theory, psychodynamic and person centred approaches (learn more about these on Spiral’s website, Therapeutic Approaches page). This allows me to meet the needs of each individual and to work with the focus that best fits the person.

I work at Spiral on Mondays and Fridays.

My fee is £65 per session.

Contact: 07903 771 097 or


Nicole Verity

I completed a four year training in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute in June 2010, obtaining an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy in 2012, and am a UKCP accredited psychotherapist.

I hold a perspective which draws on Eastern as well as Western approaches to psychology, seeing body, mind and spirit as one interconnected whole. Mindfulness is intrinsic to this this model, and is invited both into the sessions and into your day to day life. Through this we enquire into how we respond to the world, what is causing us distress and unhappiness, how we can adjust and heal, and how we can shift to new perspectives.

We are all on our paths and yet there are times when we need to seek out safe companionship and support in order to heal pain and move forward. I offer a safe, confidential and compassionate space where you can feel at ease to explore and begin to understand the nature of your difficulties. Through this exploration, you can reconnect to your potential, feel more engaged, and live life with more vitality.

You may choose to bring issues that are affecting you right now or feelings that have been with you for a long time but have not had a safe and non-judgmental space to be heard. When you are able to express your true feelings you can begin to understand yourself at a deeper level and find new ways of connecting to the world and those around you.

I work with trauma and early childhood abuse, as well as anxiety, personality disorders, relationship difficulties, parenting challenges, and many other issues that cause us pain, and which prevent us from being at ‘ease’ in the world and from being in touch with our basic creative nature.

I am at Spiral on Wednesdays in the daytime. I offer both short term therapy of up to 12 weeks and long term therapy which is open ended.

Fee: £60 per session. I have 2 concessions @ £35.00.

Please contact me for availability on

Nicole is not accepting new clients at the moment as she is taking a sabbatical next year.


Meryem Hassan

Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling, Re.Vision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis (Dec 2010). BSc Hons in Psychology, University of East London (2002). I am a member of BACP and have been at Spiral since January 2009.

For over 20 years I have actively worked within the social care environment, across the voluntary, statutory and third sectors. I have worked with both individuals and families from varied backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and age groups, with those most vulnerable, as well as those needing direction or support. In addition to practising as a counsellor, until recently I was also currently a part time manager of a psychosocial team for a Children and Young People’s Charity. In previous years I managed a Women’s Centre, where I gave support to women who experienced domestic violence, relationship difficulties, and physical, sexual and mental abuse.

My counselling approach will involve working with you empathically and intuitively, paying attention to what is both spoken and unspoken. I will bring in methods that are relevant to what is currently taking place for you and we may also look at dreams, use imagery and explore your hopes and aspirations.

Each of us is different. I will work with you, the individual, and I will focus on the approaches that I feel will best suit your unique journey. Within this, we can explore the current life issues that impact on your emotional health and wellbeing, as well as giving space to your history, experiences and childhood memories.

I have worked closely with many people to address their levels of confidence, self- esteem, depression and anxiety, helping them to understand and not judge their distress as well as finding tools and improved coping strategies. I also have particular experience of working with disability issues, addictions, sexuality and gender identity. In other therapeutic settings I have worked collaboratively with vulnerable young people to support them in understanding the impact of their life choices, and exploring how to move their lives forward more purposefully.

Often people come to counselling seeking answers, or positive change, or support to help them take back control of their lives. This process is a journey of discovery, and sometimes of answers, and just as importantly it is an invitation to raise your awareness and acceptance of who you are today.

I work at Spiral on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Fees: £60 per session; contact: 07946 360981 or, or see


Diane Salisbury

I have both a degree in Psychosocial Studies from University of East London (1998) and a counselling Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis from Re-Vision (2013). I am a registered member of the BACP.

I have an open and down to earth approach, and set out to create a warm and safe environment, for you to explore whatever is troubling you. I offer a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space. My approach is integrative which means that I draw on different theoretical approaches and styles depending on your needs.

I have worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and with many different issues, including grief, loss, anxiety, depression, low or lack of self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, midlife transition, sexual abuse, OCD and relationship difficulties.

I offer both short-term and also longer open-ended work. Throughout our time working together we will review our work from time to time; this is to make sure that you are getting as much from our sessions as possible and to make sure we are addressing the issues which are most important to you.

Finding the counsellor who is right for you is important. I offer an initial 50min session for £25; this is an opportunity for us to get a sense of whether we want to work together.

My regular fees are £52.00 per 50 min session. I work at Spiral on Tuesday mornings and evenings.

Tel 07534 199 880;


Nicole Scott

I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist. After a six year training I gained an advanced Diploma in Counselling from the Minster Centre (2013), and I am currently in the final stages of completing my MA in Integrative Psychotherapy. I also have a Diploma in Biodynamic massage from The Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy (2010). My training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT, 2015) and my long-term personal practice of meditation and yoga inform my work as a psychotherapist and contribute to my belief in the importance of working towards mind-body integration.

During my training I worked as a psychotherapist for various charities including MIND and the RNIB. Currently, as well as being part of the Spiral Team, I work for an NHS service at the Maudsley psychiatric hospital. I also have a private practice in Hampstead. My experience in each sector has helped me appreciate the diverse needs and wishes of people who come to therapy and the variety of issues that they bring, including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, abuse, health conditions and relationship difficulties.

I invite clients to talk about their past as a way of illuminating current or recurring difficulties, and I consider the relationship between the client and the therapist to be an important part of the work. I believe that working together in a context of empathy, acceptance and appropriate challenge can lead to increased self-understanding and can facilitate a process of deep healing. I pay attention to what is both spoken and unspoken and am interested in the way that physical symptoms might offer us insights into psychological experiences.

I draw my theoretical understanding from psychodynamic, attachment, humanistic, and relational-analytic perspectives. I am a member of The British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP), the PCSR (Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility) and the Relational School. I abide by the BACP’s ethical framework.

My charges are £50 per 50 minute session. I work at Spiral all day (including evening slots) on Tuesdays and Fridays as well as Thursday afternoons and evenings. I work in Hampstead on Wednesdays. I see people once or twice a week.

Please see my website for further details, or contact me via email: or phone: 07779 123521


Sylvia Wingens

I have completed a training in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute in Devon and have obtained a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy from the Middlesex University in London.

I am an UKCP accredited psychotherapist and registered member of BACP and adhere to their code of ethics and practice.

My interest is to develop awareness of the ‘here and now’, and to discover what it tells us about how we are in relationship to others, the world and ourselves. I consider therapy as a form of partnership between the client and myself, and by enquiring together into the present moment we can recognise old patterns we enact in the present.

Another focus I take in my work is exploring the space where mind and body meet. I believe they are not separate. The body knows. When we connect with and give attention to the body, we learn more about our emotional landscape. By listening to the body, we create pathways to our current and past experiences.

I work holistically. This means I engage with the spiritual dimension, if this is part of your perspective. There is scope within the sessions for exploring what meaning you make of your life, and the questions which arise from this.

My fees are £60 per 50 minute session.
My clinical hours at Spiral are currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Contact: 07767.132.045 or
More info under


Lisu Kimberley

I trained as a counsellor at the Re-Vision Centre for Integrative Transpersonal Counselling and am a member of the BACP.
I offer a kind, open-hearted space, with the intention of inviting a trusting and supportive relationship. This invitation is fundamental to our joint exploration of your current experience, and of the wider context of your past history.

Perhaps you might feel that there is no space in your life to be with yourself and to reflect on your story. What would it be like to choose to make a safe space for yourself where all the parts of who you are, are welcomed?

I believe in the power of listening and of hearing another person in all their complexity and fullness. Every person’s experience and pain is uniquely their own and I respect and honour that uniqueness in each client.

When we are heard and seen in our despair and our glory, our grief and our joy I believe we can begin to build a safe place for ourselves in our own world and in our own story.

My fees are £55 per 50 minute session.
Contact: 07971 193296 or
I practise at Spiral on Mondays.


Erica Fernandes

I have an MA in Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute. I am a registered member of the BACP.

Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy has the ability to positively impact the root causes of concerns rather than just alleviate symptoms. I provide a non-judgemental space that gives an opportunity for exploration. Our sessions will be led by you. I will support you in your inherent ability to know your own intentions and have them honoured; allowing you to know yourself more and increase awareness.

We could reflect on what may or may not be working for you in your life by taking a look at feelings, sensations and thoughts. Certain patterns or ways of being and relating can be identified that could free up energy and joy in life, improve steadiness and ability self-regulate. Specific attention will be paid to a building of your own personal internal resources that maybe lack at present. Once we become aware of these patterns, we naturally take steps to transform our lives into even more of what we want.

My fee is £50 a session
Phone: 07933 188671

I work at Spiral on Mondays


Sasha Kaplin

In 2002 I was awarded the two-year AFT Certificate in Systemic Practice at Kensington Consultation Centre, then continued a further year of training and seeing clients there. I studied for four years on an Integrative Psychotherapy MA course at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute (2006/10). In 2017 I completed the one-year Certificate course ‘Embodied Relating: The Ground of Psychotherapy’ with Nick Totton and Allison Priestman. I hold Registered membership of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy..

I blend approaches creatively, and hold a belief in people’s potential to reflect on themselves and make choices. Within sessions, my intention is to invite an atmosphere of trust and understanding. I will support and encourage you to safely find the range of your emotions and to develop an accepting relationship with yourself. We might explore the effect that early or past relationships have had on your experience of being you, including how you cope and react. While respecting the way in which you learned to protect yourself, I will also help you explore your different options in the here and now.

My particular areas of experience include working with trauma and abuse, issues of identity and difference, and self-harming behaviours. I am mindful of the contexts of power, oppression, vulnerability and responsibility. My background includes work in a senior role at an NHS women’s crisis project, and offering social support to homeless people in emotional distress. I have been a Samaritans phone volunteer, have co-led groups for the Eating Disorders Association, and have facilitated a community group focused around sexuality, at London Friend.

My fees are £60 per session.
I work at Spiral in the evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Contact: 07929 304201 or email


Kaete Robinson

I am BACP accredited counsellor/therapist, having obtained a Diploma in Integrative Counselling (2019) at the Minster Centre following 4 years’ training. I am in the final year of the MA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Minster Centre, due to graduate in 2020.

Prior to my training as a therapist, I worked in health and social care: first in the NHS supporting people with chronic illnesses in an inpatient setting, and later for an LGBTQ+ charity, as a trainer for professionals working with young LGBTQ+ people, facilitating youth groups and support groups, and running workshops for young people on themes relating to mental health and wellbeing. As well as working at Spiral, I am a Specialist Support Worker for people with severe learning disabilities and multi-sensory impairment.

I have experience of working with issues including but not limited to: self esteem, trauma, abuse, health conditions and chronic illness, identity, sexuality, depression, anxiety, addiction, obsessive thoughts and compulsions, relationship difficulties, managing boundaries, questions about belonging, and feeling disconnected from oneself. I have a specific interest in questions relating to identity and diversity in its broadest sense.

My approach to therapy is integrative, meaning that I draw on a variety of models including psychodynamic, attachment-based and relational perspectives. What integrative therapy means to me, is that we can approach challenges from a variety of angles. We may for example use art, physical objects, or breathing and movement in our sessions in order to find ways to express and explore experiences which as yet feel wordless. I will work to create together with you an environment in which we can approach your experience flexibly and creatively, and in which you can feel able to bring your whole self without fear of judgment.

I believe that we all have the capacity to grow and flourish, and that accessing support and attending to ourselves is a powerful part of this process. Sometimes, we face aspects of our own growth which may require re-learning, and challenging beliefs and assumptions which may be long-held. This isn’t always an easy process. However, my experience is that therapy can offer an opportunity to open up new ways of being in the world and connecting with ourselves and those around us.

I work at Spiral on Fridays and in Haggerston E8 on Mondays. Fees: £50 per 50 minute session. You can reach me on 07814 791807 (9am-9pm, Mon-Fri) or by email at