Continuous Professional Development

Spiral hosts continuing professional development programmes and workshops, as an expression of our commitment to empowerment, communication, reflection, and responsible practice. These are usually small group experiential workshops for counsellors, psychotherapists, complementary therapists and people in related professions. The style of facilitation encourages new learning and practice, connections between various theoretical approaches, and networking with therapists from a variety of disciplines.


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Heart & Mind Workshop 281017

A Heart & Mind Approach to running a successful Counselling Practice

Professional Development Workshop for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

For dates contact workshop leaders

Next workshop date is Saturday October 28th, 2017.

This day workshop is divided into two parts and delivered via interactive presentations, with the opportunity to explore topics as a group and through question and answer sessions.

  1. Setting up and managing your practice: we will explore legal and ethical considerations, how to anticipate and work through potential challenges such as client management and establishing your professional boundaries. Sharing tips for practice success.
  2. Websites and your online marketing presence – where to start? What is your brand and how to use it to grow your practice? Design your practice to work for you and your clients, in a few easy steps. Advice and suggestions for website success using live examples and discussion (including the option to present your own website for review). You may want to bring along a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet / iPad.

Where: Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre – 2 Shelburne Road, Islington, London, N7 6DL.

Meryem Hassan of Journey’s Counselling ( is a qualified and experienced therapist. Meryem also has over 20 years experience of managing projects and teams within social care settings.

Sue McMillan is the owner of Strumhum Creatives ( – a digital media company providing web/graphic design, branding, social media, small business consulting and marketing services. Sue also has over 20 years experience in the complementary therapy sector as both a therapist and manager.

This unique and popular workshops costs £90.

To book your place now, or if you have any questions relating to the workshop, email Meryem directly at or call her on 07946 360981

Exploring Menopause

A Weekend Workshop For Women
Saturday and Sunday January 27th & 28th, 2018
This weekend workshop is facilitated by Cabby Laffy and Eileen Bellot, who have run several programmes called ‘Reclaim the Menopause’ for women in Hackney since 2015. Exacerbated by a lack of knowledge and negative social attitudes, many women find the Menopause a confusing and uncomfortable phase in their lives. Some have fears and concerns about the impact on their libido, self-esteem, and mental wellbeing, and feel reluctant or embarrassed to speak about the subject directly. Many GP’s also feel uneducated and feel they have little to offer, especially if HRT is unwanted or contraindicated.Please note this event is for women only
Spiral Therapy Centre, 2 Shelburne Road, London N7 6DL £150 for the weekend. Discount available For information of all the courses CPH offer please contact
To book: courses offered at CPH (The Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy and the Certificate in Couple Therapy) see:

Me, myself, I – or am I?

who am I in the therapeutic encounter?

facilitated by Maria North

For dates contact Maria North
10.30 – 5.30pm (6 hrs cpd)

Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre, 2 Shelburne Road, London N7 6DL

Maximum 8 participants

Fee: £70 for those who can; negotiable for those who can’t

We spend a lot of time focusing on who our clients are, and what they are like – as we should.
But do we spend enough time thinking about who we are, and what we are like in our relationships –  with clients or anyone else?

The day will focus on you. You will reflect on who you are, and receive feedback from others about how they see you, and what they know of you. You will work with other participants to focus on yourself in your encounters with clients. Can you do this and still keep the client at the centre? Can you be conscious of your self without being self-conscious, or too self-focused?

How do you affect the therapeutic relationship? What do you contribute which helps? What do you do which hinders? How deeply have you pondered on these questions?

Are you the same in every therapeutic relationship? How do you change?

Are you always yourself?

Do you put on an act? Do you become the person your client expects you to be? Are you still there?

These are ongoing questions which deepen and reveal more as you continue to ponder on them. Unless we are static enough to say ‘I am what I am’, we know that we are forever affected by every encounter, both within and outside of the therapeutic frame. Who are you now?

To book: please email Maria on to check whether a space is available. Once your place is confirmed, send a cheque made payable to Maria North, c/o Spiral, 2 Shelburne Rd, London N7 6DL.

Maria North is psychotherapist and supervisor who is not quite as retired as she thought was. Previously a co-director at Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre, she had a full time practice for 25 years and is now offering occasional trainings on aspects of clinical practice and supervision. Additionally, she continues to support therapists with anything to do with writing, and is about to publish a poetry book, with her three sisters, which has absolutely nothing to do with therapy.



Being in Stillness, Working with Health and Wholeness

with Amanda Biggs

dates will be arranged according to participants – please contact Amanda if you would like to attend

for body therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists

In these 2 days, in a small group of maximum 8 people, we will explore what it means to be able to sit in stillness with ourselves and with others, and particularly how we can notice and engage with the health and wholeness that is always available, while equally honouring the stories that we all carry. It is open to cranio-sacral therapists (for whom it counts as 2 days primary CPD for the CSTA), and to others interested in an embodied experience of wholeness.

We use guided and non-guided meditations to help access the stillness within ourselves, table work in pairs (no bodywork experience is necessary), co-enquiry between us and usually a demo or group session. Most importantly the time is experiential – we are not getting into concepts around stillness or health but seeing what we actually experience when we let go into this.
We will reflect on such themes as

Where is stillness and where and what are wholeness and health?
Trust, control and letting go – who is doing the work?
Different ‘levels’ of being, and layers of work
Emptiness, receptivity and deepening presence
Working from non-separation, silence – who is the witness?

When we relax into stillness and presence, we discover that wholeness is always already here if we can just recognise it. During these two days we invite stillness to integrate into our practice as well as finding its relevance for our own lives. We will be looking to receive ourselves at a level that is not ultimately definable, and then in pair work to receive that level of another person. As we let go into this, we trust and experience that the story will be heard, perhaps less by us than by the wholeness itself.

These groups, which I’ve been running for some years, are a reflection of processes I have discovered within myself and others. They come from over 15 years of self-enquiry and energy and therapeutic work, including attending and assisting on many of Mike Boxhall’s courses ( The course is part of the Blue Turtle group of workshops

For more information about me see my website,

To discuss the course further, or to book: contact me at 0208 404 0213 or 07941 147182

Fees: sliding scale £130 – £150 for the two days. A deposit of £30 is required to secure a place, by one month before the workshop date.

Developing safe empathic awareness
– exploring empathy from an embodied perspective

with Amanda Biggs

dates will be arranged according to participants – please contact Amanda if you would like to attend

a workshop for body therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists

Empathic awareness is the feeling most practitioners have had at some point of ‘picking up’ or feeling, in their body or emotions, what a client is consciously or unconsciously feeling. For some, this is a rare thing that happens out of the blue; for others it’s a barrage that can feel overwhelming and be very tiring. But as a form of interaction and communication it is useful, another avenue of perception.

In this small group workshop (maximum 8 people) we will discover how to make use of empathic resonance, whether learning how to tone it down, to manage it, or ‘opening it up’. Using exercises, discussion and table work in pairs (no bodywork experience necessary) we will explore this from the safety of being at home in our own bodies, as well as part of a wider field.

Questions that may arise are – Is it ok? Will it hurt me, or them? Is it my stuff or theirs? How can I tell the difference? It can also tap into insecurities about whether we can trust our perception or intuition more generally. We will feel for these differences experientially through the body, as well as exploring just how clear-cut (or not) some of these distinctions are in practice.

We start from the fundamental assumption that we’re all connected, all part of one thing, and that this kind of communication happens all the time as an inherent aspect of sensitivity and openness. It is possible to invade another, to try to find out something about them, even if this is well-intentioned. We will do the opposite – working with ourselves to find the combination of safety, openness and trust that allows this natural connection to be felt and worked with.

About me: I have practised various forms of energy work for over 15 years, with a particular interest in processes that sit just outside consciousness, and the growth that can occur in the most unlikely places. I run small exploratory groups, am a registered craniosacral therapist, an accredited supervisor for the Craniosacral Therapy Association, and a shamanic practitioner.

Feesliding scale £65 – £75. A deposit of £15 is required to secure a place, by one month before the workshop date.

For further information, or to book, contact Amanda on 0208 404 0213, or, or see

Shamanic perspectives and processes in therapeutic work

with Amanda Biggs

dates will be arranged according to participants – please contact Amanda if you would like to attend

open to cranio-sacral therapists (it is 2 days’ primary CPD for the CSTA) and, by arrangement with me, to others working in a therapeutic field who wish to explore these perspectives and processes

During these two days we will work in a small group (maximum 8 people) to explore the typically shamanic processes that can naturally occur during therapeutic work, as well as embracing the non-rational and opening our perception to different or less common layers of experience. The course is open to cranio-sacral therapists (it is 2 days’ primary CPD for the CSTA) and, by arrangement with me, to others working in a therapeutic field who wish to explore these perspectives and processes.

In particular we will work with acknowledging and facilitating the ‘epic’ or mythic layer of someone’s journey, meeting the path to healing and growth that is needed or available, and the inherent wisdom in any situation, however ‘damaged’ it may look. Related to this, we will talk about ‘soul retrieval’ as it can naturally occur in therapeutic work – this describes how dissociated parts of the self and energy can find their way home. This may be from major or very subtle traumas.

In order to appreciate this layer of work we will use various exercises, alone and in pairs including basic shamanic journeying. We will also recognise how perception can be very subtly and arbitrarily limited and limiting, from conscious assumptions about the person or the processes that can happen, as well as from more unconscious aspects of our ‘shadow’, and we will use awareness exercises to work with this. To ground all of this in a shamanistic perspective and create a kind of ‘map’ we will work with a medicine wheel, especially as it relates to perception, process and the way we move through issues. We will also work with the shamanic perspective and experience of being part of a whole, and part of the Earth, and notice how this may affect both us and our client work.

Over the two days we will integrate these exercises and perspectives to become an extra layer of work and awareness that is available in ourselves as well as in a client’s process within the context of table work in pairs.

I have been involved with shamanic work for 15 years, and became interested in how these processes can seem to arise in cranial and other therapeutic work too. For me shamanic work is definitely not just a set of ‘perceptual skills’ or techniques. It is a heartfelt and experience-based approach to life and work, which asks us to be willing to look at ourselves, and really bring all of ourselves to the session and honour what is here – it is this willingness and approach that allow the perceptions and processes to arise. This is not a course in shamanic healing (there are plenty of good ones around) but rather I hope is a kind of ‘bridge’, a reflection of these shamanistic processes as I have found they naturally tend to occur in therapeutic work, as well as aspects of the shamanic perspective and personal work that I feel are especially useful for practitioners.

About me
For more details about me please see my website, This course is part of the Blue Turtle group of workshops –

Booking details
For more information or to book please contact me – Tel 0208 404 0213 or 07941 147182

My intention is to keep the price as affordable as possible for those on lower incomes. I am operating a sliding scale of £130 – £150 for the two days. At least 5 – 10% of my income from this course (after room hire) is given to Survival International ( who support the rights of indigenous people.

Family Constellations

Facilitated by Karen Hamblett

for next dates contact Karen Hamblett, details below

open to both therapists and non-therapists

Traditional therapies tend to focus on the individual and Constellations focus on the person as a part of a larger system. A system, particularly a family system, influences our lives, and this can result in personal distress or longer-term issues. Family Constellations is an experiential group process through which you can address conflicts and difficult situations in your family, relationship, or work.

A Constellation is a living map of interconnected issues. If you have a concern you want to address, you will have a brief conversation with Karen, after which other group participants are invited to represent the roles of those involved. The situation comes to life through them, presenting possible ways forward from the dynamics and entanglements revealed. These entanglements may go back to a previous generation.

The enactment of the dynamics presents insight and shows the wider forces that are impacting on you as an individual. Our aim is for a deeper understanding of the system, as well as an experience of belonging within it, and feeling connected and supported. You are likely to be asked to be a representative in at least one of the participants’ constellations, and this in itself can be relevant to your own issues, so give some learning opportunities, even if you don’t wish to do your own constellation.

Fee: £75; early bird rates apply: £65;

Contact Karen to book, and for dates of forthcoming events in Eastbourne and Canterbury
07880714134; or

Karen Hamblett is an Integrative Psychotherapist who has been facilitating Family Constellations workshops at various venues since 2001, and at Spiral since 2011. She welcomes any enquiries about the day or about systemic constellations method in general.