Complementary Therapies

All our complementary therapists are members of one or more professional body specific to their particular therapy, and work in accordance with their codes of ethics and practice.


Profiles of Individual Therapists


Tracy Krikler: Shiatsu Shin Tai, Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

Shiatsu Touch is a form of therapeutic touch that is supportive, non-invasive and effective in promoting relaxation and self-healing.

I am a skilled and experienced bodywork practitioner and teacher with an established clinical practice in North London. I trained at British School of Shiatsu, and since qualifying in 2005, I have specialised in working with both physical and emotional conditions, as I am convinced of the connection between body and mind. Working with the body can help manage the stress of everyday life, and also the release of deeper anxiety or depression.

I have extensive experience of giving shiatsu within the substance misuse and mental health fields. My professional background as a Social Worker proved informative and useful in this transition. I learned of the need to address the whole person, empowering us to release old habits and traumas. After managing the British School of Shiatsu for the past few years, I am now fully dedicated to my clinical practice and to developing shiatsu and bodywork teaching. I am a member of the Shiatsu Society UK  (MRSS) and hold full liability insurance, thus ensuring professional standards and conduct.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a Japanese body therapy that uses a range of techniques to clear stress patterns, improve postural alignment and recover life force. It uses a mix of pressure, stretches and mobilization techniques, in combination with meridian and acupressure work. The therapy takes a holistic view of you as a person, responding to how your body moves, breathes and releases during the session. It can offer a number of benefits, including, among others, pain relief, release of physical and emotional trauma, and improved joint mobility, as well as inviting a greater enthusiasm for life and the ability to live more fully in the present. After a few sessions you may become more aware of the body/mind connection, becoming more active in improving your health and wellbeing. I will teach you simple exercise to support this process.

I also hold a Certificate (since Jan 2016) in Japanese Facial Rejuvenation, known as “The Natural Face Lift”. This is a deeply relaxing treatment for the face, head, neck and shoulders using a combination of acupressure points, Shiatsu and traditional oil massage. Benefits can include, among others, skin repair, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and clearance of toxins from the whole body. We store so much tension in our many facial muscles. This is a chance to release and uplift.

Sessions last up to 1¼ hour, and you remain fully clothed. Wear loose clothing to allow freedom of movement and warmth.

As well as practising at Spiral on Wednesday mornings and some Friday afternoons, I also offer sessions in Primrose Hill, Holloway and New Southgate.

Fees: £60 for 1¼ hour sessions. Concessions available.

I will soon be offering Movement and Wellbeing classes at Spiral. These use my own yoga, dance, qi gung & meditation practice to promote your good health. Register your interest by emailing me.

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To book: or call 07974 437 449

Elizabeth Knight: Healing-Shiatsu

BA (Hons) Psychology; Shiatsu diploma from the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre (1993), with director Sonia Moriceau. I am a member of the Shiatsu Society.

Shiatsu is a massage through clothes based on ancient Chinese traditions. Using pressure points throughout the body, shiatsu facilitates the energy flow through the complex network of channels and meridians in the body, to bring about balance and harmony, and physical and emotional release.

I have been working with shiatsu clients for over 20 years. I work to promote people’s awareness of ease and tension through meridian work and stretches. The balance of ki is explored in relationship to the five elements of oriental medicine which affect many aspects of everyday life.

My training emphasised the quality of healing-shiatsu touch, grounded in meditation practice. I have been supported in my own work and life by zen and Tibetan meditation practices, alongside T’ai Chi teachings.

I practise at Spiral on Sundays, and in Devon. My fees are £35; concessions are offered depending on availability.

Contact 01822 833214 or