Complementary Therapies

All our complementary therapists are members of one or more professional body specific to their particular therapy, and work in accordance with their codes of ethics and practice.


Profiles of Individual Therapists


Elizabeth Knight : Healing-Shiatsu

BA (Hons) Psychology; Shiatsu diploma from the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre (1993), with director Sonia Moriceau. I am a member of the Shiatsu Society.

Shiatsu is a massage through clothes based on ancient Chinese traditions. Using pressure points throughout the body, shiatsu facilitates the energy flow through the complex network of channels and meridians in the body, to bring about balance and harmony, and physical and emotional release.

I have been working with shiatsu clients for over 20 years. I work to promote people’s awareness of ease and tension through meridian work and stretches. The balance of ki is explored in relationship to the five elements of oriental medicine which affect many aspects of everyday life.

My training emphasised the quality of healing-shiatsu touch, grounded in meditation practice. I have been supported in my own work and life by zen and Tibetan meditation practices, alongside T’ai Chi teachings.

I practise at Spiral on Sundays, and in Devon. My fees are £35; concessions are offered depending on availability.

Contact 01822 833214 or


Amanda Biggs : Craniosacral Therapy; Homeopathy; Shamanic Healing

Currently on sabbatical. Please contact Spiral to register your interest when she returns.

I have been working with energy for around 20 years now, at first more informally and intuitively and then grounding this into recognised approaches and qualifications. I work with all kinds of people and situations but am especially interested in people’s process and how we can move towards empowerment and wholeness, and learn to trust our body-based intuition and safety, allowing ourselves to fully exist.

As well as my qualifications in Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing and Homeopathy I have a background in Hypnotherapy (2006) and a degree in Psychology (1994). I run courses on working from stillness, on empathic awareness, and on the shamanic aspects of therapeutic work. I am in regular supervision for all aspects of my work.

Craniosacral Therapy

is subtle body and energy work, using gentle touch to facilitate the release of tensions, supporting the body’s innate self-healing ability and the wholeness and vitality that is always available. Many people find it helpful for a wide range of physical and emotional issues as well as more subtle aspects of well-being.
My diploma in Craniosacral Therapy is from the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London (2007), where I was also a tutor from 2007 to 2011. I am a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association UK (CSTA), for whom I am also a registered supervisor.

Shamanic Healing

is a set of approaches from indigenous people throughout the world that work with the energy or spiritual level of any situation. It aims to bring balance and right relationship, and may use techniques such as gentle breathing, as well as hands-on energy work and ‘soul retrieval’, which is a journey the practitioner undertakes with gentle drumming to help support resolution of traumas.

My main qualification as a Shamanic Practitioner is from a two year training with The Four Winds Society in Utah, US, 2004, and I have worked with the descendants of the Inca, the Q’ero tribe, in their cultural setting of the Andes Mountains in Peru.


seeks to balance the whole person and in this way to support the body’s natural processes towards healing. Any condition or illness, whether physical or emotional, is seen as part of the picture of the whole person at the time, and as homeopaths we aim to find a substance in nature that most accurately reflects all that is going on for you on mental, physical, emotional and more subtle energy levels. The remedy is made in such a way that it retains the overall essence of the substance it came from while also being very subtle and gentle; it is taken either as a one-off dose or over a period of time.

I qualified in Homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud in 2015, having completed a four year training. This included 18 months of supervised practice in which I offered sessions to a diverse group of people with a wide variety of conditions.

Fees for Craniosacral Therapy are £55 for a session of 60-70 minutes.
For Homeopathy, the initial session is up to 2 hours and costs £90; follow up sessions are usually spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart, are 60-70 minutes and cost £55.
For Shamanic Healing, fees are £110 for 2 to 2½ hours.
Concessions are available for all practices.

I work at Spiral on flexible days by arrangement and I also work in Kingston upon Thames.

If you would like further information please see my website, email, or phone me on 0208 404 0213, or 07941 147182.